The main aspect of our line of work is to sell excursions to people on holiday. We know all the tricks of the trade in selling these but always give completely honesty in our sales pitch. Even still, we often find people come back from trips they haven’t enjoyed and point the blame at us stating we mis-sold the excursion. This is usually never the case however, the excursion that we bought, was completely 100% mis-sold.

A small island just off the coast of Africa only has so much to see and do, having lived here from nearly eight months, we’ve pretty much exhausted everything. While looking for inspiration, we googled “Things to do in Tenerife” and up popped the Expedia website with a list of excursions. The trips listed were things we had done before or incredibly expensive but there was one little one, Puerto de la Cruz day trip, which interested us. For Β£18 per person, a guided tour around the town showing you all the points of interested and included entrance into the botanical gardens. Perfect, we’d yet to explore Puerto de la Cruz having only been there for Loro Parque.

The morning of the trip, the coach arrives, mainly it’s going to Loro Parque, we’re the only people going into Puerto de la Cruz. The guide on the coach gives us a map of the town and a piece of paper saying we’ll be picked back up at 5:10pm explaining that if we’ve been forgotten, to call the number at the top of paper. Surely that’s not it? Surely we’re going to meet someone off the coach in Puerto de la Cruz for our guided tour? Nope, the extent of our guide was this map. No advertised guided tour. No advertised English commentary. No advertised knowledgable guide. Not even the advertised entrance into the botanical gardens. We laughed it off, chalking it down to a story to tell and finding it funny that as excursion sellers ourselves, we were the ones ripped off.

Once we eventually arrived after a long arise journey followed by 20 minutes just sitting in the coach park at Loro Parque, we spent the day having a wander around the town, having a few drinks and taking in the sights. Well mainly having a few drinks as there weren’t many sights to see. It’s a nice looking little town but there’s not much to do there. We could walk from one end to the other in no time so we spread it out a bit with stopping for mojitos. Firstly at The Moon which drew me in with their advert for Sex On The Moon cocktail but we ended up with Mojito On The Moon instead which was a delicious pineapple and berry mix. We then stopped off in a random little bar just across the tiny bay from The Moon with 3.50€ mojitos before heading further through town before stopping off at a bar of Playa Jardin for more mojitos. The restaurant choices weren’t great so we opted for McDonald’s instead and the sights were few and far between with nothing really to report back on or recommend.

All in all, considering everything went tits up, Ash and I still had a great day together, also getting to see a new place even if it isn’t a town to write home about. If you’re only on the island for a short period of time, it is really not worth a visit. In terms of the excursion, I’ve sent my complaint and have not heard back. Typical.


All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

This blog post was not sponsored or endorsed in any way.


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