You may think it sounds silly when I live on a beautiful island, a 5 minute walk away from the beach with incredible weather and amazing days off but I am desperately in need of a holiday. It’s easy to think that this job is a holiday, believe me, you get a lot of people spitting that in your face when they’re annoyed but it’s bloody hard work. Yes, I do have brilliant days off but I still work my butt off the other six days and always feel exhausted. Yes, the weather is beautiful but working in these temperature can be a bitch. Yes, my job isn’t the worst but it’s still nice to take a break from the complainers and people who think they’re entitled to something. Working six days a week non-stop for eight months can start to take it’s toll and for me we’re at that point in the season. Like I said, I really need a holiday.

Recently, I’ve changed by half day to be the day before my day off which is better because now I have my own little mini weekend and it means I can relax and unwind a little bit more. For this week’s half day, I decided we were going to treat this as a holiday.

Ash has lived in the hotel he works in for a few months now and I just moved in over the weekend. While this has it’s downsides, it also has the perks of the pool just a leap frog away from our front door and being fully all inclusive in our own home.

We sunbathed by the pool, relaxing, reading books and magazines, taking a quick dip and enjoying some vodka slushes (or in Ash’s case, amaretto and coke). We chilled with the holidaymakers, acting like holiday makers and it was such a nice relaxing afternoon. You could almost forget for a little bit that we actual live here and Ash actually works here.

It was lovely to unwind a little and for a moment, act like we were on holiday. We were so chilled for the rest of the day that even when the clouds can over and it turned a bit nippy, we weren’t disheartened at losing an hour or two sunbathing. The only downside to our afternoon holiday is that my batteries were so fully recharged that now I’m back at work, I’m feeling the holiday blues!

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

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