It’s been one of those weeks where absolutely nothing seems to have gone right. We’re in the middle of Fuck Off August where work is a nightmare, you’re sweating your balls off in the blistering heat and everything that doesn’t go in your favour seems to agitate you a little bit more than it usually does. You so look forward to finishing work on evening and having your days off. You make plans which you count down the hours to and metaphorically do a little dance as you skip out of work. However, sometimes those plans you’ve looked forward to all day and all week don’t work out. Like I said, it’s been one of those weeks.

When a new rep arrived and we discovered he didn’t have a driving license, we were thrilled to find out we’d have the car for our day off. So much adventure in store, so much island to discover. We planned all week to go to Anaga Rural Park which is a forested hiking area in the North of the island with incredible scenery and breath taking views. I’ve wanted to go there all season and was already disappointed when my manager turned my request down to go on the Continental excursion there. We were going to have an amazing and were so looking forward to our day off.

At 5pm the night before, I received a dreaded iMessage from my manager.

Steph, do you know if Enrico has been put on the car insurance so he can drive to work tomorrow?

Hang on a minute, I thought this geezer didn’t have a license. Why are we only just discovering this now? You mean to say, all week I’ve looked forward to my day off to last minute discover I won’t have the car? Safe to say, I was a little devastated.

Not wanting to waste our day off by having nothing planned or to ruin it by dwelling on it, we got into plan B and decided instead to head to the little village of El Medano for the day instead.

After a long and much needed lie in, we walked into Los Cristianos to catch the local bus to El Medano. At the cheap and cheerful price of 2.35€ we were on our way for a day of exploring. El Medano is where we went to not too long ago for the Sensaciones event and vowed we would return during the day time. Our first port of call was finding a drink, all we wanted was a bottle of water yet shop after shop we went into only sold cold beer and fizzy drinks. Eventually finding one in a little deli type place, we set on a walk in the direction we had when we came here a night to check it out in the daylight. It’s a very pretty little beach but also very bizarre. The sand is incredibly varied, some points being golden other sections being a murky brown colour and in places, some of the most beautiful sand I have ever seen, jet black and incredibly shimmery. It was like nothing I have ever seen before. The rest of the scenery itself was very picturesque even though the water wasn’t the clearest or bluest we had ever seen. Eventually, we did a U-turn and headed back in the opposite direction, stopping along the way to enjoy a Kinder ice cream.


We carried on in this direction in search of a mojito bar we had been recommended. All we knew was it was cheap, cheerful and right on the edge with the waves crashing against the cliffs. I googled it and found something promising but google maps led us to no where. Along the way however, we did get to enjoy a walk along the coast and we then sat on the cliffs for a long time watching the crabs clinging to rocks and the rainbow effect the waves made as the sunlight caught it. So relaxing and peaceful. When we eventually decided to move, we headed back into the centre of the village and stopped in at a little bar and restaurant called El Timon. Now this was right on the beach front with the waves crashing right next to you and they did serve mojitos. Maybe this was the place we were lookin for, we’re still not sure but at 2.50€ per mojito, you can’t go wrong.


There isn’t really a great deal to do in El Medano, it’s a big surf village where everyone goes out on their paddle boards and wind surfs during the evenings. It’s a cute little village and nice to have a look around but as there’s not much to see and do, I wouldn’t hurry back quickly. We really enjoyed the day off there though even though it wasn’t our original plan.

This week also brought with it the Perseid meteor shower. Tenerife is one of the top three places in the world to do stargazing, so what better place to see some shooting stars. We planned not to head up quite as far as Mount Teide which is where the stargazing usually takes places but to a little campground with low light pollution which had been recommended to us as a good place to watch the meteor shower.

The morning of the plan number two of the week, I drove to work and upon arriving at work, one of my colleagues got the car contract out of the glove box. Our other colleague, who in my opinion because I’m still bitter about it, stole the car for our day off had got us a new contract two days before when he added himself on and she decided to check he’d put it in the car because she was going to need it the following week. I happened to glance at the contract and realised only two names were on this new contract, not three and neither of them mine! I had illegally driven to work both that morning and all day the day before without a clue because he’d taken me off the car insurance.

That’s ok though, we can resolve this by tonight. We finish work at 6pm and the car hire place closes at 7pm, we’ll drive in after work and get me added back onto the contract. WRONG! Crossing over to the sister hotel to meet my colleague after work at 6pm, she’s cornered by some angry customers and dealing with an issue which takes an hour to resolve. As the car hire place closes, we’re only just leaving the hotel. There goes plan two of the week down the drain, great! Now we won’t get to see the meteor shower.

We decided to give it a bash anyway and see what we could see within walking distance and in a light polluted area. We woke up at 1am which is supposed to be one of the best times to see it and headed to the balcony to check out how clear the sky was before walking down to the beach. Would you believe it, I saw a shooting star! So on went our clothes, on tootled our feet to the beach and we took up residences on some sun beds staring up at the night sky.  Unfortunately, that was the last shooting star I saw that night. Ash saw something out the corner of his eye but sadly missed it. It was still a lovely night (early hours of the morning) just relaxing gazing up at the sky.


Although, two plans this week did not go as we wanted them to and we were disappointed, we still had a great day off and a great evening. Sometimes you can’t have everything you want, sometimes you just have to enjoy what you’ve got. Every moment in life is beautiful. At the same time though, car sharing is a bitch.

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.


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