I am now in my 25th year of life which usually would be terrifying to most people. I am the happiest I have ever been and the last year was the best year of my life so far so why should I be worried? In my 24th year I got to live and work on two beautiful islands, I met some of the most incredible people and had the most amazing experiences so if this is the life I’m living, I am in no way bothered about getting older. At the end of the day, age is just a number.

For my 24th birthday, I decided I’d like to do something other than the typical night out you get used to doing for your birthday as you get older. In primary school, everyone always had bowling birthday parties but at the age of 24, that is exactly what I did. Ok, so it was a little different to bowling when you were 9 as there was a great deal of alcohol involved but at 20€ for 3 games of bowling and a 3 hours free bar, how do you say no to the drink? It was lovely just to have a little social time with friends doing an activity rather than just popping down to the strip to get pissed. However, being reps, we did take full advantage of the free bar and ended up performing some probably horrific karaoke before in the end, the few of us with stamina did actually head down to the strip to end the night.

That was the day before my birthday and my actual birthday was a bit of a lucky coincidence giving me a half day. After working the morning, we were given the afternoon off to go to a team jolly at Siam Park. Definitely can’t complaint about a half day and free mojitos on your birthday. So after a brief siesta in a bed of birthday balloons, we headed down to Siam Park to enjoyed a chilled evening after the park had closed with free drinks, a dj and a few bits of food. The jolly wasn’t quite what I expected. I have always heard stories in the past of how good and crazy the Siam Park jolly was and although it was nice, it was very relaxed and tame and not exactly how I have been described it. However, it was still a lovely way to spend my birthday, a nice, chilled out evening with good company.

After the jolly was over, we decided to run home and get changed before heading back to the strip to have a drink or two in one of the pubs which is where I got my life ruined. A lovely friend of mine decided to make it public knowledge that it was my birthday which resulted in me walking around the bar with a pint glass trying to fill it with 24 different types of alcohol before dropping in a shot of Bailey’s which curdled. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted in my life and I only managed half of it before forcing the one who nominated me to finish the rest. Bailey’s is now officially ruined for me.


I’m doing pretty well on the birthday streak. In the past, I always have had rather rubbish birthday’s but so far in my 20’s, they haven’t been half bad. I loved this years and am so grateful to all the people who put time and effort into making my birthday special. Let’s see what the next year has in store… Til the next one…

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way.


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