In this job, you have a lot of amazing experiences and some fantastic days off but once in a while comes a day to top them all off.

Chilling on the beach on our day off a few weeks ago, we were debating what to do. We have already been invited to an event during the evening and therefore couldn’t too far, add in the fact that we were all skint, we wanted something cheap and cheerful. Thankfully, we have an excursion list of options that we can enjoy free of charge. We’ve all done the catamaran before, however, this was only ever a 3 hours sail rather than the 4 and a half hour option. The longer sail takes you a little further up the coast past the cliffs of Los Gigantes and into Masca Bay. We decided to give the longer sail a bash based on the fact that it was free, something we hadn’t experienced before and it even might help with our selling a little to experience it first hand.

After boarding Freebird One, I ran straight to one of the nets at the front of the catamaran to enjoy an afternoon of chilling and sunbathing. The sailing itself was lovely and peaceful, relaxing in the sun and enjoying a glass or two of wine. We travelled North up the West coast and got to see the phenomenal sights of Los Gigantes cliffs. It was impressive to see the vertical cliffs up close and marvel at their drop. We then pulled into Masca Bay for our swim stop which was super quite and also, by the looks of it, seems to be a top place for a bit of kayaking. We then sailed away from the closer, a bit further into the Atlantic Ocean where we spotted our first dolphins. The first time around, I only so one or two fins so it was amazing to see them swim right up to the boat, bobbing up the surface as they swam and families of them swimming together. It is such a powerful and heartwarming experience seeing these creatures as they are meant to be in their natural habitat. We headed back to shore just at the right time as the ocean breeze was starting to get a little chilly.

After a beautifully relaxing afternoon on the boat, we had a rush to get ready for the evening’s event. Carmen Mota, one of the world’s most famous flamenco choreographers was having the press night for the opening of her brand new show, Antologia which lucky for us, we were all invited too. The evening was absolutely fantastic, the dancer’s were incredibly precise and moved together in perfect timing. The energy that was felt in the auditorium was electric and it was amazing to see a true Spanish tradition. At certain points, I felt like their was a story being told but then in the next dance, this theory would be completely dashed. I wouldn’t see it again in a hurry as although it was great to see, flamenco dancing is very repetitive with a great deal of stamping, clicking and clapping which could easily bore me to tears at the lack of variety after a while. I would highly recommend it though, fantastically performed and a true aspect of the Spanish culture.


As we were leaving the theatre, a doorman stopped us and asked why we weren’t going for our free cocktail. My ears pricked up at two of my favourite words and we followed his directions. As we got closer, I suddenly realised where we were heading and nearly hyperventilated. Cleoptra’s Palace Hotel is a hotel I have been obsessed with for a while. I have said that at some point this season I would sneak in, have a wander round and take some photos of the beauty of the hotel but here we were, being invited in, I didn’t even need to sneak in. A swanky VIP after party in a incredibly beautiful 5* hotel, I was in my element. Food everyone, drinks everywhere, champagne circulating, the cast mingling and all beside the stunning Grecian pool that I have spent many hours dreaming over on Instagram. It was so unexpected and so incredible, I was unbelievably happy. It sounds pathetic but when you have thought about a place for so long and you finally get to go there, it’s magical. I filled up on spring rolls, topped up on champagne and admired the beautiful grounds for a long time before we eventually headed home.

A perfect ending to a wonderful day!

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

I attended the Freebird Catamaran and Antologia free of charge due to the connection between our companies and sales training however, this blog post was not sponsored or endorsed in any way.


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