I’m one of those rare people who has never done paintballing. It seems like the world and his wife has done paintballing but not me. I like the idea of it, it seems good fun in theory but at the same time I also don’t understand the enjoyment of getting hurt as fun, plus I bruise like a peach.

As a rep, you often get invited on team jolly’s by the suppliers of the excursions you sell. The idea behind this is to motivate you to sell more of their excursion but really, it’s just a free activity that we enjoy and other than that, it doesn’t really change our work and the selling of the excursions. Our first supplier jolly of the season was with Submarine Safari’s who took us to World Airsoft Tactical Centre.

Airsoft was explained to be as the fun of paintball without getting hurt. A bit of fun, hunting people through a maze and getting shot by polystyrene balls. I liked this concept because it combined the fun of paintballing but without the pain. The idea of Airsoft, I was excited for… But let me tell you, it’s not so soft!

We rocked up at World Airsoft Tactical Centre which is located in a warehouse in the Las Chafiras area near Tenerife South Airport. As the afternoon was planned as a party for us, we were greeted with champagne before getting provided with our uniforms. The world’s buggiest camouflage pants which we had to get tied into with cable ties! The uniforms divided our teams, two teams of 25 to go head to head in WAR!

I was expecting some fun, light hearted game but as soon as I picked up the gun, I knew this was serious shit. It was like lead, the gun was so heavy and with my little toothpick arms, it was an effort to hold. And those “polystyrene balls”… Plastic BB gun pellets. We were given an intense briefing on how to use the guns, what not to do and to keep your mask on at all times so you don’t lose an eye.

Then the two teams were escorted to opposite sides of the labyrinth before war broke out. I have to admit, it was pretty scary. Hiding behind walls, trying to move rooms without being seen and dodging gun fire was heart-racing and sweaty work. We stayed together as a team and it was fun hiding and seeking our opponents until came the inevitable… I got shot. Right in the thigh and let me tell you, it hurt! Not excruciating pain or anything serious but it really, really stung. And I was told this was a pain free activity! This then meant I was dead and I had to be escorted to the safe zone.


I was delighted to find that half my team was already in the safe zone which meant I’d managed alright and wasn’t one of the first out. One by one, members of both teams were “killed” and made their way to the safe zone each with their own war wounds, tiny little bruises and even some bleeding if direct contact with the skin. Eventually, the last member of our team came out and the other side has won. We played another round in which we won and then the fun was over for me even though a lot of the others kept playing. The afternoon was finished off with a buffet, some drinks and a raffle before catching the coach home.


I had fun for a round or two but it’s not something I found fascinating enough to continue playing all afternoon. I’m quite a peaceful person so the intensity of it was a bit too much for me whereas others thought they were on Call Of Duty and took it far too seriously. I’d recommended it for the experience but I’m in no rush to do it again. One thing I will say, is while it was good, the centre would be better if they expanded the room a bit, had more to hide behind or things to climb up because the majority of it was just a series of rooms, nothing interesting. The other thing I will say is don’t be fooled by the Airsoftย name… It’s not so soft!

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

This blog post was not sponsored or endorsed in any way.

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