Reps of Tenerife past, present and future flock to Chill Out in Los Cristianos. Whether you’re TUI, TC, whoever you are you will dine here for the majority of birthdays and special events throughout the season. Friends of mine who worked in Tenerife years ago, rave about Chill Out and to this day, the restaurant still has a hardcore rep fan base.

Now a little disclaimer before we begin. As reps, we do receive 50% discount for this restaurant. This is just a nice little incentive so that we eat their frequently and if a customer asks us for a restaurant recommendation, we will point them in the direction of Chill Out. However, without the 50% discount, Chill Out still has some of the most exquisite food on the island and I would still be a regular visitor with or without the discount.

Chill Out is located on the very edge of the beautiful white sand beach of Playa de Las Vistas in Los Cristianos. Just a short walk from the resorts of Los Cristianos and Las Americas and roughly a 9€ taxi ride from Costa Adeje (where I live). It’s a fantastic location, with incredible views, perfect for toasting the sunset with a cocktail or popping in before a day on the beach. Chill Out is mainly famous for it’s evening meals which are raved about but recently, they have also started a different lunch menu which is equally fabulous.


My first Chill Out experience was back in October. Both myself and my Mallorcan companion who had flew out to Tenerife to help out at the end of season, along with two reps who flew out from Salou were not invited to the Tenerife end of season party. All four of us had left before the end of season party for our previous destinations so instead of being bitter about it, we decided to plan our own end of season party for just us. The first stop was Chill Out for a banging meal. The other three had worked in Tenerife before and therefore attended the restaurant countless times. They raved about it so much that it had a lot to live up to and believe you me, the restaurant did not disappoint. I returned once again that season as a leaving meal for a rep who was leaving early.

This season, I’m on my fourth visit in just over two months. First we had a randomly planned team meal followed by being invited down to sample the new lunch menu for free. We have since then attended for the first birthday of the season and a casual lunch on our half day. Every single time Chill Out does not disappoint and I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone, top marks! I’m still sampling my way through the menu but for now, here are my top recommendations:



Fish and chips, you would be pushed to find better fish and chips back at home in the UK or at any fish shop. The cod they serve is the softest most mouthwatering fish which just falls apart and melts in your mouth. Absolutely devine.

Combo platter, perfect for sharing and sampling a few of Chill Out’s highlights. Comes with Bang, Bang Prawns and Bang, Bang Chicken there own unique, crispy coating served with there own scrumptious Bang, Bang sauce. Also on the plate are ribs that just fall off the bone and incredible calamari.

Tapas, how can you not come to a Spanish island and not sample the tapas? A huge selection of delicious options with my personal favourites being the previously mentioned calamari and Bang, Bang Prawns along with the juiciest meatballs in tomato sauce and heavenly quest frito – deep fried cheese.



Pork medallions, the most beautiful meat wrapped in bacon, so filling and delicious that I’ve had it twice and have not managed to finish both times. Served with thinly sliced potatoes and vegetables.

Chicken tandoori, beautifully cooked spicy chicken on a skewer served with rice, mango chutney and poppadoms. As an Indian lover, this is a firm favourite.

Steak, now in all honesty, I am yet to try the steak. I love meat but not a fan of blood so I like my steak cooked well done. I always feel awkward ordered well done in a restaurant because I know it is not the way steak is meant to be and I feel like waiters look down on you. One day I will order it though. A lot of my friends order it every time without fail and boast about it’s amazingness. One friend in particular who is a very fussy eater, will only eat steak in Chill Out because it is that good.



Daim cheesecake, I love Daim and this is to die for. The end.

Bailey’s cheesecake, I’m not usually a fan of Bailey’s desserts but this is one to write home about. Creamy, beautiful flavours and all round deliciousness.



Strawberry Long Island, a beautiful fruity drink which goes down far too easily.

Strawberry mojito, a gorgeous twist on a firm favourite of mine.

Alabama Slammer, something a little bit different with a mix of Disaronno, Southern Comfort and fruit juices but absolutely delicious.


All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

Chill Out provided me with one free lunch to advertise their new menu along with 50% discount any time I dine in their restaurant. However, they do not ask for any promotion and this blog post has not been sponsored or endorsed in any way. At the time of writing, the restaurant is not even aware of this post.



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