So much for my keeping up to date post, I’ve already missed one! I’m not doing very well but I’m keeping my fingers crossed I’ll do better now I have my work iPad.

Although I was in Tenerife for 6 weeks last year, I got to experience very little the island had to offer. The reps here last autumn were very stuck in the ways with the same day off routine, the same bars and restaurants they visited. I am really lucky this summer that everyone is on my wavelength with wanting to explore and try out different places.

Our first place of exploration was Los Gigantes. Only one UK is placed in this resort so we decided to visit Lauren on our first half day to give her some company. We had a lovely relaxed day taking in the view of the Los Gigs cliffs, enjoying the sunshine, eating a banging meal and sipping on some cocktails. It is much more of a quiet, local resort than the busy, tourist resorts the rest of us work in so there didn’t seem a great deal to do there if you wanted more than a bit of peace and quiet. We ate in a beautiful little beach bar along the promenade called Da Yago which was very minimalist with not much in the way of options but my mojito was spot on and the garlic prawns were banging and the best I have ever had. A nice location to visit for a relaxing day of just eating, drinking and good company.


Once we left Lauren in Los Gigs, we stopped off in Los Cristianos to have an explore. We stopped in a random beach cafe along Playa De Las Vistas which in all honesty, I have zero idea what the place was called but we had great evening just chatting and drinking and ordered some delicious snacks of calamari and bacon potatoes which were delicious. Just a lovely chilled out day with good friends, good food, a few drinks and a little bit of exploration.


Since the first adventure day, we have played at Fanabe beach in Costa Adeje, enjoyed in the adrenaline of Siam Park, visited the animals at Loro Parque, indulged in some new restaurants, shopped in Santa Cruz and discovered some new local watering holes.

Every half day, every day off and most evenings, we are doing something and it is a fabulous way to get to know our local area and the island. My two favourite things besides our day in Los Gigs have been discovering two new bars.

The first new bar on my fave list is a reggae bar in Las Americas called King Of Judah. We were looking for something a bit different to our typical night out and some continental reps recommended this place. An amazing chilled atmosphere which really strong cocktails at 6€ a go and a great shisha list, perfect for an alternative night out and relaxed evening.


The second is a bar a bit closer to home called La Flaca in Costa Adeje. Delicious pizza, extensive shisha list, chilled out atmosphere, incredible cocktail list and even quirkily serving 1 litre mojito in a boot. We fell in love and as it’s a two second walk from our apartment, I’m sure we will tred it’s floor many times this season.


I am having so much fun discovering new places and learning about my new friends, I am having the time of my life and can’t wait to continue exploring with these crazy weirdos who I have already grown to love!



All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way.


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