When I was in Tenerife for 6 weeks in autumn of last year, one of the only excursions I really wanted to go on was Teide By Night. I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to astronomy, fascinated with anything to do with space, and I also love a good sunset. Teide By Night hits both these spots as it involves both toasting the sunset and stargazing. For this reason, I was so disappointed last year when I didn’t get put on to the excursion and so excited for it this year. It was fabulous don’t get me wrong but being hungover and exhausted on the day, I didn’t thoroughly appreciate it and for that, I am so disappointed in myself.

A lot of coach time combined with a tired Steph do not make a fabulous combination so after the coach had picked everyone up and began its ascent up the mountains, I was done with the trip by the time we reached the cafe in Vilaflor. Throw into the mix how cloud and foggy it was I was disappointed that this wouldn’t even be worthwhile as we probably wouldn’t be able to see any stars. Thankfully, as we reached Teide National Park, we came above the clouds and climbed into a beautiful, blue sky. Wandering around the viewing points of Teide National Park was an amazing place to take some photos due to the beauty of the day up there, however, when you’ve been there twice before and are ready to fall asleep, it’s not so fun.


Leaving the viewing points of Mount Teide, we didn’t travel far to watch the sunset. It was absolutely freezing but thankfully, we were provided with blankets. It was lovely just relaxing, snuggled up in a blankets drinking cava, watching the sunset and chatting with the new team.

IMG_20160401_1933512016-03-21 17.19.0020160320_190843IMG_20160321_164812

Once the sun had dipped beneath the clouds, we piled back on board the coach and travelled for quite some time until we reached the restaurant. I can’t for the life of me remember the name and Google has been next to useless but the food was to die for. A delicious three course of vegetable soup starter, the most exquisite main of pork, Spanish omelette and roasted vegetables followed by a chocolate bomb dessert. The starter,amazing. The main, I could write a novel about. The dessert, tasty but I was too full by this point to enjoy it. If anything came out of this trip, it was a very satisfied and very full stomach.



Further up we went til we reach the stargazing spot. This was in equal parts amazing and a let down. I loved it as I have never officially stargazed and had an official astronomer with me before so what he knew and pointed out was fascinating. I was disappointed as the moon was out so while I was expecting a fully speckled sky, only the brightest stars shone through. I still enjoyed it as the guide was hilarious and what we could see was fascinating but I definitely think I’ll have to do it again in the summer to have a better experience.

I honestly enjoyed the trip, I just didn’t appreciate it quite as much as I would have done had I not been a hungover mess. It is an amazing experience, one I’d highly recommend with glorious sunsets and being the third best place in the world to stargaze after Hawaii and Chile (moon permitting). My own personal experience was just a little bit of a let down due to my own stupid, self inflicted exhaustion!



All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

This blog post is not spoñsored or endorsed in any way.

Disclaimer: I attended this trip free of charge as part of my destination training.


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