My first week back in Tenerife was of complete contrast to the first week I had here in October. I intended on posting this Friday, however with a busy schedule and limited WiFi, I haven’t had chance. I’ve simply had too much on my plate! Last time, I had so much time on my hands, that I sat alone in my hotel room bored out of my brain and incredibly lonely. Although, I haven’t had a moment to myself in over a week, I am so grateful that the beginning of this experience has turned out differently to the last one.

After a ridiculously early start and journey of taxi/train/metro/plane, I arrived in Tenerife to discover I wouldn’t be having a fun, chilled week of going on all the trips with my team members. Due to my previous experience on the island and needing someone to start immediately, I was to start work on the Monday. I’ve been on all the trips before so I know the jig but I did them all solo. It’s a completely different experience doing them as a team and I was looking forward to them but never mind.


We met for a mix and mingle on the Friday evening to socialise as a new team. It seems like a good team so far, everyone’s nice, there are a few people I’m still yet to figure out but I can be very wary of people. It was good to get to know people though and it ended up a messy night with an airport rep I knew in Mallorca and two reps I worked with here last season.



That was just the first of a few nights out in the first week. Three friends from last season, Amy, one of my dual reps in Mallorca along with Netty and Georgia, girls I knew last time I was here, all magically appeared in the reef on holiday at the exact same time, I arrived to start the season. Another Amy, my roomie in Mallorca was also here having worked the second half winter. So with a brand new team to get to know plus great friends to catch up with, it was an eventful week.



I did get to experience a few trips, Teide By Night which I didn’t get to do last time around and will discuss in a future post, plus the evening events of MHT and Showtime: The Sound Of Musicals. Shows I have seen before and love plus it allowed me team bonding time which I wasn’t getting during the day due to being at work.
2016-03-21 17.19.00



My hotels were new to me but absolutely lovely. However, they were incredibly quiet resulting in not a single welcome meeting all week and rare human contact. Now, having been assigned our hotels for the season, I am delighted to once again be in a flagship hotel. I’m a little disappointed not to be dual repping again as I loved that experience but I’m busy and I love the hotel so can’t complain.


The other notable experience of the week was driving. On Feb 23rd, I passed my driving test. Just under four weeks later, my first experience of driving since my test was on the other side of the road, in the other side of the car, in a vehicle I don’t know and batshit crazy drivers. Let me tell you, it was an experience. It was the roads I thought would be difficult but I adapted to them fairly easily, it was the car that was the problem. I just could not get used to it. My first day driving, I got stuck on a hill twice. I was constantly stalling on roundabouts for the entire week and in all honesty, I had two very, very minor bumps. The whole experience was terrifying but eventually, I started getting used to the car and my confidence was building. Just when my legs no longer turned to jelly walking from the car to the hotel, I was told I wouldn’t have a car for the season. Typical, all that stress and work for nothing.


The first week has been interesting but fun. I’m glad this time round, I feel like I belong so early on and have settled in well. I’m happy in my hotel and so glad to be busy again. Dramas have already started bubbling within the team so it’s sure to be an explosive season. Watch this space….



*All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

*This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way.

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