With me flying out today to begin season 2 in Tenerife, I have spent the majority of the week running around like a headless chicken picking up last minute bits and packing my life back into a suitcase. Last year was the first season and I had absolutely no idea what I would and wouldn’t need for the summer. This year I have a clearer idea of what to take with me so in order to help you out, if you are preparing for rep life yourself, I thought I would share my own suitcase with you.


Obviously, some aspects will differ from person to person but this will just supply you with a rough guideline to get you through the summer. Hope it helps!


  • Basic tees – one white, one black, simple and go with everything.
  • Casual tees – a few casual design tees to throw on with shorts.
  • Denim shorts – a few pairs as I practically live in them outside of work.
  • Casual shorts – two pairs just for chilling.
  • Playsuits/jumpsuits – light, easy to wear and simple.
  • Dressy clothing – dresses, skirts, etc for nights out and nice meals.
  • Pjs – shorts ones, nights are HOT!
  • Swimwear – a couple of coverups, a swimsuits and a couple of bikinis… especially if you need bikinis in cup size rather than dress size, you won’t find any abroad.
  • Underwear – obviously, take plenty if you’re of a larger cup size. Last season every bra of mine decided to stab me in the heart when the wire came out and I was unable to find any larger than a D.
  • Socks – of the trainer variety.
  • Uniform – gonna need it to be a rep.


  • Converse – for work and day to day.
  • Flip flops – easily to slip, pop to the shops or wander round the apartment. Plus, 90p in Primark?! Go on then!
  • Sandals – main form of footwear for nights out as they are cool for your feet and you’re not too bothered about heels in the heat.
  • Heels – contrary to what I just said, you will want a pair of heels or two for special occasions.
  • Airport shoes – one pair of plain black dolly flats for comfort and one pair heeled for better appearance.
  • Trainers – working out, hiking, the list of uses goes on.


  • Backpack – for going to the beach, hiking, day trip…….
  • Bumbag – convenient for a night out.
  • Clutch – evening alternative.
  • Handbag – for day to day.
  • Hat – to protect from the sun or just for ultimate coolness.
  • Jewellery – to spice up your outfits, personally, I only take one necklace.
  • Sunglasses – plenty of them, they go missing easily!


Just enough to get you through the first week until you’ve settled in and not have to rush about looking for things.

  • Travel toothbrush/toothpaste – small and only £1 in Primark for the set.
  • Shower gel
  • Face wash
  • Face wipes
  • Deodorant
  • Shampoo


  • Painkillers – not as accessible as in the UK, only available in pharmacies and quite expensive. Stock up on 25p ibuprofen from Home Bargains.
  • Contact lenses – if you are a wearer like myself, you will need enough for the season.
  • Home comforts – photos, homeware, anything to make your room feel like your own.
  • Sweets – last summer I really missed Magic Stars, crispy M&M’s and bubblegum bottles so this year I’ve brought a pack of each with me for when I’m desperate
  • Speakers
  • Towels – if you have room, it’s nice to have your own towels
  • A book – to read while sunbathing or if you’re bored at work
  • IPad/ tablet/ laptop
  • Hair dryer/ straighteners/ tongs
  • Plug adaptors – plenty of them


Did this help you out? What personal possessions would you pack?

*All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

*This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way.


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