London trips have been a frequent part of my life since the age of 15. My love for the city, the theatre and my friends there mean it is constantly calling me to come back. Although I visited the city back in December with my mum, I was yet to have a catch up with my friends.

This trip did not go quite as planned. My coach was getting into Victoria Coach Station at 2pm and although I knew it would be a close call to get across London in time for a matinee, I was determined to get seated for one of the long list of musicals I have yet to see. However, my coach was 25 minutes delayed so I had absolutely no chance. Thankfully, London is an endless city which I never get bored of exploring and there is always something new to discover. I have always wanted to try bubble tea and I knew there was a Bubbleology cafe just off Shaftesbury Avenue. I hopped on the tube to Piccadilly Circus to make it my first stop. Bubble tea is a flavoured fruit or milk tea which you can choose to consume iced or piping hot with chewy tapioca balls that are sucked through a big fat straw. It’s like a quirky combination of both a drink and a snack making it an interesting concept. For my first try, I ordered a passionfruit iced bubble tea with the chewy surprise and headed to Trafalgar Square to enjoy with a view. According to the menu, it is supposedly scientifically proven to add more passion to your life… let’s see!


A tip from me if you are to try bubble tea, sip slowly as the balls come up quickly and few times, I overloaded my mouth (giggidy!). The unusual drink was incredibly delicious however and I will definitely try my flavours in future.

Once my thirst was quenched, I just wandered. I had a short shop around Covent Garden before walking down The Strand and on to do a bit of playing tourist. I wandered down the River Thames past the London Eye and onto Big Ben looking for some cool places to take photos. Having been a constant visitor for the past 8 years and even living just outside the city for 3 years, I consider London my second home and am well past the tourist stage. I haven’t done much sightseeing around the capital for a long time but I truly enjoyed a few hours of taking in the beauty of London, even though I have seen the landmarks a million times. It never gets old.

My second plan of the day was to meet a good friend of mine for dinner which also did not go to plan. Unfortunately, she got sick and we ended up cancelling the plans so I had a casual walk back from Westminster to Piccadilly Circus, hopping on the tube to another friends who I was staying with for the night. We had a great night of catching up, chatting, drinking, having a dance at G-A-Y Late and ending the night with a naughty McDonald’s before catching an Uber home. You can get free entry flyers for G-A-Y Late from G-A-Y Bar and the club often has some great drinks offers, probably one of the cheapest night’s out you will find in London and play some banging tunes.

I hate to admit, the next day was spent mostly in bed with a hangover before heading back into Central to catch my coach back home. A bit of a wasted day but I’m sure I will be back in the city soon enough for further adventures.

Til next time Big Smoke!


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