An article which has been cruising the internet recently is Paulette Perlach’s idea of the fuck off fund. A lot of mixed reactions have surrounded the issue with women everywhere raving about the idea whilst jumping on the bandwagon and on the other hand, people pointing out that having an emergency fund is not a new concept and something everyone should have. My personal opinion lies with the latter. Surely anyone with half a brain knows they should have a rainy day pot of gold and just because it has been renamed as a fuck off fund, doesn’t make it a fabulous idea.

An emergency fund is appropriate for many circumstances from a broken down car to an unexpected bill but the concept of the fuck off fund is having the money in place to survive for 6 months if you need to leave a job, situation or person. This is something I could have benefited from a year ago. After a break up, I was lucky enough to be the one who stayed in my home, a lot of people are the one who leave or the one who is kicked out and have no where to go. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford the place alone so after my two month’s notice, I had to move out. Again I was lucky enough that I could move in my parents, again some people do not have that option. It doesn’t hurt to have a bit of money aside to pay for a place to say until you get sorted and the deposit/rent for a new place if needed.

My idea of the fuck off fund is a bit more extreme and not something appropriate for everyone. After my break up, I just wanted to get away. I wanted out of the country and away from any reminders. It is a great idea to have some money aside just to give yourself a break to ‘fuck off’ somewhere if you need to during a difficult time. This could be on varying levels from a short mini break, a week long holiday, backpacking or uprooting your life and moving somewhere else. This all would depend on your circumstances and responsibilities but I believe everyone deserves a break somewhere beautiful to relax during a difficult time.

I did not have a fuck off fund, either regular nor travel edition. I was lucky enough to gain a travel job to take me abroad but it was a three and a half month wait rather than a quick getaway. If you can afford to, I would highly recommend putting some money away for emergencies and also, a little more for a break. Travel heals.


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