As talked about in my last post, I am in love with theatre so for Christmas, my best friend bought me tickets to see a popular musical during the Newcastle stop on it’s UK tour. After a transport malfunction and having to hop the train rather than driving to Newcastle, we stopped for a bite to eat and few cocktails before the show.

Our pre-show dinner and cocktail session happened in Revolution. The bar is no stranger in my life. The last company I worked for has a training centre up the street from Revolution so with it’s easy access, delicious food and 50% discount company card, it was the dinner destination for every training session. Every single time I have visited the restaurant, the menu has been changed. The meal I enjoyed the previous time constantly vanishes into thin air by the next visit. Usually, this would really annoy me, I’m very familiar with falling in love with something and this it being discontinued, but because every dish I have ever tasted in Revolution is delicious, it is difficult to complain. There are always numerous appealing options on the menu and whatever you choose, it never disappoints. This time round I got Skinny Four Seasons pizza, the best of all the pizza worlds. I’m on a little bit on a health kick right now so a pizza with a wholemeal base and under 600 calories is spot on. The Four Seasons Pizza is for different pizza toppings on one base. Margherita, pepperoni, vodka chicken and garlic mushroom with pesto. Scrumptious!


During by black out night in Newcastle before Christmas, I do remember the delicious cocktails of Revolution so it was only right to try some more. After falling in love with the Bubblegum Daiquiri, it was an obvious first choice. To follow up, I opted for Absolut Soup which is a vodka infused, pina colada inspired beauty which is totally Caribbean and served in a cool and unique, Andy Warhol inspired soup can. My finally cocktail of choice was more on the dessert front with a Salted Caramel Mudshake. Sickly and chocolatey cocktails are not my cup of tea but I did really enjoy it, wouldn’t order again though.

After several cocktails and a lot of girly chat, we took our full stomachs off to the theatre to see Hairspray. I have loved Hairspray ever since the movie came out. It was on the West End for a while but I always put off seeing it believing it was popular and would around for a long time. Instead, I opted for short run musicals instead and obviously, Hairspray closed. The show was fantastic, great songs and incredibly colourful. As a musical based on the subject of dance, I think the choreography could have been more intense to show off the talents as the performers, it was horribly oversimplified. The segregation aspect of the story was beautifully portrayed with the black performers being vocal perfection. Motormouth Maybelle was played by the understudy Aiesha Pease and Where I’ve Been was gold, so beautiful. Tony Maudsley well known from Benidorm portrayed a great Edna and the entire cast had great energy.


I have a fantastic evening with a great friend sharing my loves of theatre and cocktails, what could be better?


*All opinions are my own and just that: opinions*

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