When I was 6, my mum received a phone call from my cousin asking if I would be interested in auditioning to be Gretl in his drama groups production of The Sound Of Music. I went along and when it was my turn, I was so nervous and I stood in silence. Surprisingly, I didn’t get the part! However, the drama group did let me still have a small part in the show and thus began my journey with North Ormesby Minstrels and my love of theatre. The show after that was Snow White and by then had built up some courage and was a dwarf. Since then I have appeared in various pantomines and musicals with the company, continuing my love outside of the group gaining various performance qualifications including a degree and even having a small amount of professional television work.

As a teenager, theatre was my first love. Taking GCSE Drama, I was introduced to the musical Wicked which I have had a strong love affair ever since with. From the age of 15 until 18, I would travel the 6 hours to London at least once a month to satisfy my West End addiction and over the years have developed an impressive collection of theatre tickets, programmes and memories. At 18, I moved to just outside of London to be on the doorstep of my second home and start my Performing Arts degree with ambitions of being an actress. Although my love of theatre has never faded or my passion for performing, through the course of my degree, I realised that a career in the industry may not be for me. My heart is still in love with theatre but travel crept further into my heart until it landed in the same place. I love both theatre and travel with equal amounts, however I see a career in travel but only a hobby in theatre. I still satisfy both addictions as much as I can, seeing the world and attending the latest productions. I will never forget where I came from and still participate in my drama groups shows when I can. I was delighted when even after I missed auditions and six weeks of rehearsals from working abroad, I was still allowed to be in this years pantomime Aladdin. The past few weeks have been a crazy schedule of rehearsals and the performance the last week so I have therefore, not had as much time to explore. It is difficult that my two main loves are so different. Theatre needs me to stay, travel needs me to go. However, I love performing just as much as travelling so my heart is happy. I adore singing, dancing, acting and basically just goofing around with my friends. Aladdin has been an absolute blast as always and I’m sad to see another show over. There will always be another show for me to be in though, I have a few theatre trips booked before I head off on my travels again and I will be catching up with the group on an annual pilgrimage to Scarborough at the end of February. At least now I have the freedom to explore and satisfy my other passion.


Until next time Minstrels!


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