I want to adore Paris, I really do. I am so in love with photos and stories, I dream of romantic Parisian walks, I think about sitting outside cute, sophisticated cafes and I have a culture buzz about the place. Paris is the perfect city on paper and in pictures, it is beautiful, however, my own experiences have not allowed me to fall in love.

In Paris’ defense, it is not her fault. My first trip to Paris was solely to go to Disneyland Paris but in fairness, I was only seven and had two younger brothers so culture wasn’t exactly the experience we were looking for. We were more interested in meeting Minnie and Mickey at that age in our lives. Between the ages of seven and ten, a little wanderlust kicked in. Again, we travelled to Paris for Disneyland. On this trip, we did have the opportunity to sightsee however. With Disneyland located in Marne-le-Vallee and our hotel in central Paris, we travelled through the city every evening to get back to our beds. It was an organised group trip and while 95% of the bus was my drama group, there was also a random family. The bus driver offered to drive us round the city, pointing out the sights but it was an everyone or no one situation. And the family voted against going. Better luck next time!

Eight years later, I became friends with a huge Disney fanatic who asked me to go to Disneyland with her. I agreed on the condition that one of the days, we would spend our time in the city rather than the theme park. The day came and I was super excited. Map in hand and hot spots circled, I couldn’t wait to finally explore the city. The day was cloudy but that was fine. We saw all the main sights; Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Louvre and had dinner in a Parisian restaurant. It should’ve been the perfect day. However, the second we got off the subway, my friend did nothing but complain. She didn’t want to walk between the sights, there wasn’t anything she liked on the menu, she was missing Disney and whilst getting lost looking for Champs Elysee, it started pouring with rain. I agreed to go back to Disneyland. I didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy anything I got to see because I had a moaning minnie in my ear. After eight and a half years of waiting, I got to see Paris but it was not the experience I was hoping for.

The experience put me off ever visiting the city again, however, recently with photos flooding my Instagram feed, it reminded me how much beauty is there. Reading other blogs tell me that there is location love to be found in Paris. It wasn’t Paris that made me dislike Paris, it was other people who made me dislike Paris. It’s unfair to Paris and I’m cutting my own nose off to spite my face by giving up on it. Hopefully, my next visit to Paris will correct all my history and start a love affair to last a lifetime.


Have you been to Paris? What was your own personal experience?

*All opinions are my own and just that: opinions*

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