I adore Christmas, always have, always will. I love the build up to Christmas, the beautiful decorations, the festive activities, the delicious food, the manic present buying, unique traditions and above all, spending time with family and friends. This Christmas was special to me and not for any spectacular reason. For the past four Christmasses, I was in a relationship. While this was all great, it was a very crazy affair which resulted in a 6am Christmas day wake up call, frantically driving round families, the odd domestic drama and always having to run plans by your significant other. This year, being single, I could do Christmas my way and it would be a very laid back affair.


I began the festivities on Christmas Eve as usual with a trip to an annual party. While this did cause a little bit of drama surrounding my ex, it was amazing to see all of my extended not-blood family and have a catch up and a bit of festive cheer. The evening is always dedicated to my blood family. For as long as I can remember, we’ve all gathered together to watch movies and eat Chinese Chicken from M&S with a few other nibbles. I always look forward to Christmas Eve and this year, was just as good as any. We watched Elf and Christmas With The Kranks before ending the night by writing a letter to Santa.


Christmas Day was very special. My dad is a nurse so it is very rare he is off for Christmas but this year he was. It was also the first Christmas Day in five years, that I have spent the entire day just with my family. It was nothing really more than gift-giving, food and games but it was fantastic. It was a very chilled out day, very peaceful and family orientated. My dog did attack me and I ended up with a bandaged wrist but not everything can go smoothly can it haha!


Boxing Day was spent with a family party at my best friends house where we drank, gossiped and played Drink Jenga before a night out. I’ve never really spent too much time with her family before so it was nice to get to know them… although, I’m pretty sure I said some stupid things after a few drinks. Three of us headed into town for a brief night out which was a lot of fun.

Three days of relaxing, drinking, eating and connecting with my nearest and dearest and besides a small, pointless drama and a dog attack, I loved every second. Next Christmas, there is the possibility I may not be home and even if I am, there’s a high chance my dad will be working. For that reason, I will treasure every second of this Christmas until the next one.

I hope you all had a terrific Christmas wherever you are and whoever you were with!


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