After only three weeks back in the UK, my feet were itching. With friends dotted all across Britain, I thought it was the perfect time to explore more of my own backyard and plan some trips across the country. First on the list, I decided to visit one of my friends who has recently moved to university in Liverpool.


I booked a seat on a National Express coach and began the four hour journey early one cloudy morning. I used to swear by National Express when travelling back and forth to uni and also on my London trips before my studies there. Since moving back to Middlesbrough, I’ve had full time jobs and therefore less time for trips and also, with an income of more than a student loan and part time job, I usually just pay to get a train quick and easy. It’s been a while since my last coach trip so it was quite cute and nostalgic in a weird way.



My friend has classes that afternoon so I decided it was the perfect opportunity for some solo adventures and set off on a walk around the city. First, I checked out the cathedrals, of which Liverpool has two. Completely different from each other but both simply beautiful. The Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral is very modern and unique, unlike any cathedral I have seen before. The exterior was interesting but head inside and it is something else, a work of art. Liverpool Catherdral is your typical cathedral but just as incredibly beautiful.

IMG_20151210_114246 IMG_20151204_193712

The journey continued with a stroll through Chinatown with an outstanding grand entrance… but probably the smallest Chinatown I have ever seen. The wind severely picked up and I spent the rest of the day pretty much flying around Liverpool. I followed signposts towards Albert Dock and spotted the Liverpool Wheel on the other side of a block of offices. The gate was open so I headed through the offices sure of the fact there would be an exit on the other side… I was wrong! Besides the gate at the front, a large white fence surround the entire estate. I made my way back to the gate to find it closed with no way of escape. I was trapped! I had to wait 10 minutes until a car opened the gate. Awkward!


Upon escape, I walked the long way round to view the Liverpool Wheel and crossed the road to Albert Dock. By this point, it was incredibly cold and windy, I had made a bad shoe decision so I pretty much just wandered through Albert Dock without a great deal of investigation. It was very pretty though with a large about of bars and restaurants I’d like to check out on a future trip and it is also home to the Beatles Story.



On the way back to my friends apartment, I had a stroll through Liverpool One and the high street which has some INCREDIBLE shopping! The Christmas markets on Church Street were also in full swing, all very cute and Christmassy and made the foodie in me smile.


Back at the apartment, there was a great deal of chinwagging, cooking up fajitas, a great deal of pre-drinks including introducing my friend and her flatmate to the lethal Tenerife jucees before it was time to head out back to the city for a big night out.

I’ve never really had a big night out in a city before. My university was outside of London so we always went out there, daring to venture into the city only once due to expense and once there, staying in one place. Liverpool, like London, was incredibly expensive. I usually don’t spend much money on a typical night out due to the fact I pre-drink a lot and also prices are much cheaper elsewhere (I am used to the bargain prices of Middlesbrough’s £1 Jaegerbombs!). I spent more money than I ever have on a night out but had a great night. If you’re willing to spend the money, Liverpool is great for a night out as there are so many places to co. We started off in Ba Bar for a drink before heading off to Popworld and ending the night in Omnia. Ba Bar is definitely more of a relaxed, just have one drink before kicking off the night out, rather than spend the majority of your night there. Popworld was my absolute favourite. Full on cheese with the likes of Frozen and Steps playing whilst a lot of 90’s moves were busted out on the dancefloor. Omnia was not really my scene. A very cool club but very overly hip and trendy with music I have never heard of which doesn’t really suit the dork in me. Get me back to 5,6,7,8!


The end of the night ended as it usually does in England… in a pizza shop. The man behind the counter asked me to marry him because he likes redheads. I politely declined before heading back and passing out.

We finally dragged ourselves out of bed at 1:30pm and had a wander through town before my 4:30pm coach. Ever since I found out a Central Perk had opened up in Liverpool, I have wanted to visit. So that is where we headed and the Friends addict in me was very happy. I went to a pop-up Central Perk once before in London. I think it was only there for the week but it was awesome, exact replica of the one on tv with memorabilia and probs from the show dotted around the cafe. They did serve drinks aswell but only the basics due to the timescale of it’s opening and also, it being more of a novelty tourist attraction than a coffee shop. The one in Liverpool is more of a coffee shop. A wide range of found and drink with elements of decor relating to the tv cafe. The sofa is there, they have episodes playing on tvs and they even have a vote at the bar of who was right in the whole ‘We were on a break situation!’. It was also decorated for Christmas with stockings hanging on the fireplace with the names of the characters. Very cool!



A slow walk up to the train station, I got to see a lot of Liverpool I hadn’t seen the day before. Until then, I had no idea how huge, awesome and beautiful Liverpool is. Unless you live there, the rest of the UK doesn’t really hear terrific things about Liverpool but my two days there made me realise that from what I have seen, I love the city and can’t wait to explore more. It is also food heaven, I couldn’t walk five metres without spotting another restaurant I want to try out. I’ll just have to head back some time soon! St Georges Hall currently has a poppy memorial installation similar to the Tower of London one. It is incredibly beautiful, a moving tribute and really makes you grateful.


Then it was time for me to hop back on the coach and head back home. I had a great time in Liverpool and I have only just touched the surface of what the city has to offer. I’ll definitely be visiting again before embarking on my summer adventures!




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