Yesterday was the day. The day we all sit refreshing our emails and Facebook is taken over by reps. Placement day. After submitting our choices at the beginning of September, it has been an agonising wait to find out our destination. It’s a nervous wait to find out where your home is going to be for 6-8 months of 2016. A lot of people are disappointed by their placement and I can understand wanting a certain destination but not getting it, however, I strongly believe that it is the team that makes the season, not the destination. My first season in Mallorca was amazing but although it is an incredible island, the area I was based is a very small resort with very little to see and do. Add in the fact that I only have one day off week and no car, it could’ve got a little dull and boring if I didn’t have amazing friends living and working with me. For me, I would be happy for the company to send me anywhere but was lucky enough to get my first choice. So for 8 months of 2016, starting mid-March, the adventures will be continuing in TENERIFE!

I put Tenerife down as my first choice before I was even sent to Tenerife at the end of last season. A little part of me was secretly hoping not to get Tenerife as I’ve been there now so it would be good to explore somewhere else. However, I did have an amazing 6 weeks on the island so I’m excited to go back, I have more time to find what Tenerife has to offer plus work will be easy to get into seeing as I already know the island.

Until March, there are still some adventures in store. As I post this, I’m heading to Liverpool for the weekend. My friend recently moved to university there so I thought it was the perfect opportunity for a visit, a catch up and to explore another of England’s cities. Then on Monday, I am taking my mum on a trip to my second home, London. There will probably be a few more London adventures before March too. Following that, the week after I will be venturing up to Scotland for two days in the beautiful city of Edinburgh with one of my rep buddies. Quite a few cities before Christmas!!

New Year is still undecided. The original plan was Tenerife however, flights are quite expensive at the moment and with me now heading back early next year, I’m not in quite so much a desperate need to go. There is the possibility of somewhere little bit closer to home instead with Dublin and Manchester on the list of options.


January to March will probably be the odd London trip, a visit to Derby and money permitting, my first adventures in Thailand. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

So quite a lot in store over the coming months… Stay tuned…


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