The first three weeks in Tenerife have been… interesting. I’m not gonna lie and say it has all been sunshine and rainbows because quite honestly, it hasn’t. It’s been an adjustment to say the least.

After the whirlwind of expecting to go home and instead only having three days to get my head around the fact I was moving to Tenerife instead, I was excited. The first two days were great. I landed here with my friend, we dropped our bags off at the hotel and immediately went to meet some of his friends for a drink. Then on the second day, I had some paperwork to do at the office followed by a submarine trip and saw a show in the evening with my friend. To be honest, even the third day wasn’t bad. I had a day off so I just chilled, had a wander around to get my bearings then spent the evening at another show with some really lovely colleagues. So yeah, honestly the first three days were fine but the rest of the week went a little downhill from there.

My friend’s apartment was ready so he left the hotel and moved in. As he has worked the island before, he got straight to work whereas I needed training which involved 12 days of excursions alone. Some were fine to do alone, others a little bit awkward especially a catamaran trip which involved three hours of whale watching amongst roughly 13 couples while I sat in a corner drinking cava on my own. In the evenings, I sat in the hotel alone. I didn’t know anyone except my friend who already has his own friendship circle and life here in Tenerife. I didn’t want to be clingy and constantly asking what he was up to or follow him around because he probably just wanted to catch up with mates. I got very lonely, very quickly as I was completely out of my comfort zone. To top it all off, that week was the anniversary of my engagement so I was very emotional. It’s strange because I’m not an overly sensitive person, things don’t usually bother me and I actually like spending time alone. I think it was due to being unsettled. I had created a life for myself in Mallorca. I was settled in my apartment with a great roommate, I was an expert at my job, I had great friends, I knew the area, I’d even started seeing someone and I found myself back in a comfort zone. Suddenly finding myself tossed back into the wild with no one I knew, an area I didn’t know, living out of a suitcase and even a job I had to learn was difficult I found. Six months ago, on my move to Mallorca, I was in this exact position and I was fine. You’d think I’d be fine again but it seems to be a whole different kettle of fish. Maybe because the first time I HAD to just get on with it, I needed to make a new life for myself at that point in time. This time, I don’t. I’m finally back on the way to happiness and didn’t need to uproot my whole life this time round. It’s difficult to explain how I felt but the first week wasn’t great.

The second week started off rough too, I was still feeling lonely but thankfully not quite as emotional so it was easier to deal with. By mid-week a new rep had come out to join us and for my last excursion of training, I had company. It wasn’t the most interesting trip out of them all but it was the one I enjoyed the most because I had someone to talk to and share the experience with. On the Friday, I moved to my apartment and started work. This felt a lot better as I finally had a base and a routine.

The third week, I felt so much better about myself and the situation. I have an apartment I’ve settled into, a work routine, I’m having fun and spending time getting to know my colleagues. It took a little time but I’m OK here now. To be honest, I think it just came at a bad time. I knew that week would be difficult no matter where I was in the world so the upheaval just tipped me over the edge I think.

A few people over the past few weeks have reached out to me and invited me to things they were doing whether it be a day trip, a night out or just a spot of dinner in another apartment. To them, I am forever grateful. They are truly kind hearted people who didn’t need to include me but through their decency and goodness did. Because of them, it has made my time here easier and less lonely.

I am definitely making up for lost drinking time in Mallorca. We were in such a quiet resort that we rarely went out and we rarely drank. The first night here, I passed out in some toilets… a few nights later, I fell down some steps and ripped my leg open… I’m not an alcoholic or a big drinker but I’m also not too sure what sober is any more…

One good thing about coming here is that it has strengthened my desire to travel. I have loved exploring the island so far and during my quiet times at work, I’ve been reading travel blogs. Even though this post might show evidence that solo travel is not for me due to the loneliness I experienced here on arrival, I think it is a different situation. Here I have to live and work and make a life for myself so its not a place to be alone. Travelling, you move to another destination soon enough, there is no loneliness because you are not settling in these locations.

Maybe I’m talking a load of rubbish, maybe none of this makes sense but in a nutshell, difficult start, love it now, island is amazing, can’t wait to explore more destinations. The end.


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